For a person to be an eligible Pinehurst Golf Club member, one has own property in Pinehurst village. An individual who would like to be a club member is required to submit the following:

  • Application of membership
  • A Photostat of the recorded warranty deed of membership application
  • Look for the initiation fee

The initiation fee is half of the advertised price if a purchaser buys a home or lot with Pinehurst membership which is transferable.

Below is a breakdown of different membership packages:

Social Membership

  • Initiation fee is $ 10,000
  • Monthly payments – $ 95

This membership enables the holder to:

  • Do ten rounds of golf yearly at a discount
  • Access the practice facilities during golfing days
  • Junior golfers in a family get discounted rates

Sports Membership

  • Initiation fee is $ 16,000
  • Monthly levy of $ 153

Golfers in this category get to:

  • Access unlimited golf on Pinehurst Nos. 1 – 6 at a discount
  • Use range balls unlimitedly and access practice facilities
  • Junior golfers in the family get complementary golf

Full Golf Membership

  • Initiation payment is $ 25,000
  • Monthly contributions – $ 381

Members with this subscription get to enjoy the following:

  • Unlimited golf on courses Nos. 1 – 6 only for cart levy
  • Unlimited use of practice facilities and range balls
  • Junior golfers in the family get complementary golf
  • Complementary storage at Golf Clubhouse

Premier Golf Membership

  • Initiation payment of $ 25,000
  • Monthly contribution of $ 445

Premier golf members have access to:

  • Unlimited golf on courses Nos. 1 – 6
  • Golfer may use course No. 8 only for a cart free
  • Allows the member to book tees five days before play
  • Allows one to carry and walk without a levy anytime
  • Junior golfers in the family get complementary golf

A member gets a complementary storage at Clubhouse